Slipping Away

Death is one of the things or event in our life which we never want to happen to our friends and loved ones. It is a thing that almost all of us are scared of. Like a mouse to a cat. If there is a way to cheat death I would do it. Just to save my beloved from it.

It is like a robber. It takes away you and your loved ones the opportunity to have a happy future. *sigh* I’m really having a hard time how to tell you all. I’ll just ask you guys a question. How would you feel if somebody died? Someone who is neither a friend nor a loved one but just a familiar face and you had a little chat with him before. Whenever you met him along the corridor or the hallway, he smiles at you and make little conversation.

I want know your reactions


One Response

  1. i understand how its like to see a loved one or a not-so-close person that left the world.

    my girl’s granny passed away last week. i wasnt really close to her but still i feel it.

    i know ure referin to the security personel (refering to CM Dhar’s blog), take it easy Nyx, at least you learn something from this; Cherish the ones around you before its too late.

    my condolences to him,

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