Slipping Away

Death is one of the things or event in our life which we never want to happen to our friends and loved ones. It is a thing that almost all of us are scared of. Like a mouse to a cat. If there is a way to cheat death I would do it. Just to save my beloved from it.

It is like a robber. It takes away you and your loved ones the opportunity to have a happy future. *sigh* I’m really having a hard time how to tell you all. I’ll just ask you guys a question. How would you feel if somebody died? Someone who is neither a friend nor a loved one but just a familiar face and you had a little chat with him before. Whenever you met him along the corridor or the hallway, he smiles at you and make little conversation.

I want know your reactions


CM Nyx Day 2

It has been a while since I posted here in my blog. Juggling between being a CM in-game and playing is not a walk-in-the-park and it has finally taken its toll on my body. I was able to log in-game a few times and I found enough strentgh to even joke with some of you guys but my eyes were blurring already.

Anyway, I’m back and in tip-top shape and I’m finally able post my second day experience as a CM, so guys please bear with me ok? 😀

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Book Worms Out there!

Like I said in my profile, besides being a gamer I’m also an avid book/ comic book reader! So as a way to fill-in my empty space here in the net, I’d like to make a review of a book I’ve finished reading.

To start the ball rolling I’d like to first review the book that catapulted Stephenie Meyer’s name as one of the big-time writers post Harry Potter mania, which is Twilight.

From it’s release last 2005, Meyer’s version of a romance between a human and a vampire has enchanted a lot of readers worldwide. The response was that great that it spawned the release of it’s silver screen version this coming December.

Twilight is the first in the series that tells the story of Isabella Swan, a 17 year-old teenager from Phoenix, who decides to live with his father at Forks, Washington much to the surprise of her divorced parents.

On her first day of school Bella realized that she was already the talk of the town, and that she attracted a lot of the boys, all except for Edward Cullen, her biology class seatmate who seemed to hate her so much that he even wanted to change schedules just to avoid her.

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CM Nyx Day 1

My official first day as a Community Manager was both a thrilling and scary experience. Of course there are a lot of things that I would need to do because this would be the first time that WYD will be having it’s community managers, so technically me, Dhar, Tonberry and Aruman would be the pioneers and it scares the hell out of me (I can’t speak for the rest because they’re a lot braver and alot more experienced here than me ^ ~).

I stole this pic from aruman's files (haha it was used for the wyd cm site hehe) peace aruman! and Toneberry wasn't in yet when we took this

I stole this pic from aruman's files (haha it was used for the wyd cm site hehe) peace aruman! and Toneberry wasn't in yet when we took this

Technically, this would’ve been my second day as a CM in-game because the day before me, Dhar and Aruman already went in-game to promote, well-ourselves (lol I know this sounds stupid but it had to be done) so technically there are already a lot of people who knew us and knew what’s our primary purpose in WYD.

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